In the following we inform you about the way personal data is collected when you visit our website.

1. Provider

The provider of the service according to § 13 Telemediengesetz (German Telemedia Act) and responsible body according to § 3 paragraph 7 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Data Protection Act) is the company KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG. For further details please see Imprint

2. Collection of personal data

(1) You can generally visit our website without disclosing your identity.

(2) To enable you to visit our website and grant its security we use the following data, which eventually could allow an identification:

  • Your IP address,
  • Date and time,
  • the exact file name (URL) of the requested file(s),
  • HTTP status code,
  • quantity of transferred data,
  • Referer (website from which the respective file has been called from),
  • the browser-identification transmitted by your browser (User Agent String).

This data - with exception of the attack detection, defense and tracing - will not be evaluated in relation to the person. IP addresses will be deleted after seven days, if, exceptionally, they are not needed for a longer period of time (e.g. as evidence).

(3) If you contact us, e.g. by using our contact form our by sending an e-mail, where necessary we will ask for certain data to be able to process your request.

(4) Furthermore we use cookies - small text files which are saved on your computer which, during a session, have to be held available persistently, such as e.g. data of our web forms in order to show them again in case of incomplete entering. For this purpose we exclusively use Session Cookies which will be automatically deleted when you close the browser. You also have the possibility to delete cookies in the settings of your browser. In the same way you can refuse cookies by respectively configurating your browser; but we have to infom you, that in this case maybe you can not fully use all functions of our website.  The data of the cookies will not be related to other data.

3. Integration of external content

(1) In our website we integrate content of Google (Google Fonts, Google Analytics as well as Google Maps on our contact page).

(2) When you open a website containing such content your browser will set up a direct connection to the servers of Google, which are located abroad the European Union and the European Economic Area and on which possibly no apporpriate privacy level exists. The content will be transmitted directly from Google to your Browser and will be implemented into the website from there. We therefore do not have any influence on the quantity of data collected by Google and the way they are used by them.

(3) By calling a website containing Google content, Google receives the information that you have requested a respective page of our website. If you are logged in at Google, then Google can relate the visit to the respective user account. Even if you do not have a user account at Google, Google will be informed about some technically necessary information such as your IP address, which is automatically transferred by your browser.

(4) Further information on the processing and use of data by Google as well as eventually setting possbilities for the protection of your privacy can be found in the privacy indication of Google:

Please observe that our website has a lot of links to offers from third parties. If you follow such a link, our privacy declaration will no longer be valid, but the privacy declaration of the third party will be valid.

In case of any discrepancy with regard to translation of this privacy declaration, the German original takes legal precedence.