AIM: machine without oil change

Way: The Integrated Fluid concept


Oil change intervals, still today are determined empirically and are realized independently from the effective quality of the lubricant. This causes unnecessary costs. If an oil change is made too early, a lubricant being still in perfect condition is disposed; if an oil change is made too late, this can cause machine damages. In the ideal case the oil change should be made depending on the condition.

The Integrated Fluid Concept as developed by KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG predominantly deals with the application areas of hydraulic, engine and gear oils with the aim to reduce costs and the energy demand, and in the ideal case achieve a MACHINE WITHOUT OIL CHANGE. The concept is build up in three steps:

1. Long-term suitable oils

Without doubt, the aim of a machine without oil change can only be achieved with high-performance oil, being suitable for long-term use. We have very good experiences with the fully synthetic, rapidly biodegradable PANOLIN oils. After more than 30 years of experience with this product in mobile employment useful lifes of more than 20.000 operating hours, and in industrial application useful lifes of more than 100.000 operating hours have been proven and documented. In this case we are talking about the hydraulic oil PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. The Integrated Fluid Concept anyhow is based on numerous further high-performance hydraulic, engine and gear oils.

2. KLEENOIL Microfiltration

There are various general application advantages of the KLEENOIL Microfiltration. Oil and aggregate maintenance with KLEENOIL Microfiltration contributes to reduce system failures, wear and total breakdowns. The ageing process of the fluid is decelerated because KLEENOIL filter elements eliminate water and solid particles from the oil. By this improvement oil change intervals can be extended.


The KLEENOIL ICC is a specially developed oil analysis sensor, designed for an on-line oil analysis during the operation of the machine. The evaluation of the data is realized directly in the control panel where the analysed condition is indicated by 3 LEDs (red, yellow, green). The system is available with digital outlet allowing a digital data processing and/or remote control.
Preferably the KLEENOIL ICC is integrated in a by-pass filter unit type SDU. Such a unit constitutes a centre for the cleanliness and monitoring of the employed oil.

Integriertes Fluidkonzept


The Integrated Fluid Concpet as developed by KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG is based on a forward-looking technology with long-term proven and tested products which can be installed in new machines, as well as re-equipped in machines already being in use.

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