The main business areas of the company KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG are fully synthetic and environmentally friendly PANOLIN lubricants as well as KLEENOIL Microfiltration systems for oil maintenance in the by-pass. With these products we achieve a very high protection of systems and aggregates. For the monitoring and safeguarding we offer oil analysis equipment as well as the especially developed KLEENOIL ICC sensor technique. We pursue the objective of machines without oil change and for this purpose we provide a comprehensive concept called Integrated Fluid Concept

Our strong points are competence, flexibility, innovation and individual solutions. For our customers we are an efficient partner in the sector of environmentally friendly oils being suitable for long-term use, microfiltration systems and oil analysis technology, and we offer appropriate products as well as complete system solutions.


Machine without oil change?

Yes - with our Integrated Fluid Concept!

  • PANOLIN High Tech Oils -
    environmentally-friendly and suitable for long-term use
  • KLEENOIL Microfiltration -
    less wear - more performance
    Identification Contamination Control
    Sensor for on-board oil analysis
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